About the HISI-NM Group

There is an increasing realisation that the nursing and midwifery informatics agenda in Ireland is approaching a critical time and as a consequence requires a logical systematic review and dedicated leadership - and we need you to get involved! National policy and strategic service plans reflect the need to modernise our health care services to meet the changing needs of clients, patients and users. Nursing and midwifery services have a key role to play in the modernisation of healthcare, and in the establishment of a “healthy” Irish ecosystem. Integrating informatics skills within the healthcare process should now, more than ever, be seen as a key priority.

The group aims to situate nursing informatics at the forefront of health care planning and service provision. Recent evidence suggests that the nursing workload is often subtle and hidden (Potts et al 2011, p.28). The care process, which often occurs close to the patient can be difficult to code and articulate in an eHealth environment. It is therefore vital for us to focus our attention on protecting this often elusive or subtle practice, and maximise its visibility.


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