International Congress on Nursing Informatics 2014

The Twelfth International Congress on Nursing Informatics (NI2014) will be held in Taipei, Taiwan in 2014. The aim of the congress is to provide a single, high-profile, internationally renowned forum for research in the theory and practice of nursing informatics. Over the years, the congress has been instrumental in the advancement of nursing informatics which has made a great stride toward the provision of an International discussion forum as evidenced by the number of successful meetings held so far.

NI2009 in Finland and NI2012 in Canada successfully attracted over 600 participants. This year, the NI2014 in Taipei will also present the most up-to-dated scientific evidence through our comprehensive scientific program which will cover a wide range of topics to be presented in the invited speakers’ lectures, educational sessions, as well as the Submission-based program.


Blue Button - Interoperability

Blue Button is a simple concept: give patients’ access to their own data. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) first used the Blue Button logo on its patient portal in 2010 , by clicking on the button, individuals could download their medical records in digital form.

RCN Report - Positioning nursing in a digital world

A Royal College of Nursing survey on eHealth has found that while nursing staff are ready for the digital revolution, more needs to be done to provide them with the right technology and training.

The survey found that while 85 per cent of respondents felt confident using information and computer technology, barriers including lack of equipment, time and training prevent them from using it to benefit patient care.

The majority of respondents felt they had little or no influence over the use of eHealth in their workplace, and over a third had inadequate access to equipment. Just under a fifth of respondents had not had training for three years or more, with over half of these saying this was due to a lack of time.


digiPHIT Project - Final Report to The Institute of Community Health Nursing

The digiPHIT Project is the first ever pilot of digital pen data entry in public health nursing in Ireland. Funded by the Institute of Community Health Nursing it was initiated in response to recommendations from the Population Health Information Tool (PHIT). This report shows the value of a business case, partnership approach to improving data collection in public health nurse settings.


Infographic: Assessing The Impact of Health Information Technology

A new infographic published on the official US government website highlights how America's healthcare providers are now using EHRs and Health IT to "achieve meaningful use and help to improve their patients' care and health".



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