Nursing Roles and Interagency Communication Demonstrating Requirements for Future Models of Care

A new report by Dr. Pamela Hussey (School of Nursing and Human Sciences, DCU) and Daragh Rodger (Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Care of Older Person Community, St Mary’s Hospital) prepared for ONMSD HSE argues that dual role of nursing often under recognised.

Making visible the dual role of nurse and informatician particularly in regard to nurse to nurse communication across and between services will be challenging particularly in the early stages of design and analysis. The timing for design and analysis of care practices is imminent particularly before deployment of phase one of Electronic Health Record enters procurement stage. Thus ensuring that the often poorly noticed and unique contribution which the nursing profession provides that we know has a direct bearing on patient outcome can achieve optimal recognition and promotion.

Whilst the international nursing community contemplates if and how advocacy and compassion can be articulated in computing terms this short report offers a small and simple case example for further discussion with relevant stakeholders. You can read the full publication here


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